Our Association, along with 19 other organizations and businesses ranging from the Department Agriculture to Walmart, sponsored an agriculture experience for Huron’s Washington 4-5 Center. Three busloads of students visited and spent an hour at each of 3 sites: an area dairy farm (Lazy J Dairy), a sheep operation (Jungemann Sheep Farm), and a South Dakota Wheat Growers grain terminal near Wolsey.

The story was covered by the Huron Daily Plainsman, in which they wrote that many of the children had never seen a farm. This brief encounter should give the children at least a basic understanding that milk doesn’t come from a carton, clothes start from somewhere other than on a hanger in a store, and bread starts in the field and not a plastic bag. The operators also talked about the importance of taking care of the land. ∞ Overall, this was a great educational opportunity for the students. ∞

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