About Us

We are the Association of South Dakota County Weed and Pest Boards. In South Dakota there is a Weed and Pest Board in every one of the 60 counties and 6 tribal agencies within the State. The Association is committed to support the activities of these organizations to control native and invasive weeds and educate.

Our mission is to promote awareness and control of noxious weeds and pests in South Dakota through the distribution of educational resources to the general public, landowners, tribes, and government agencies.

We accomplish this through partnerships with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, South Dakota State University Extension Services, County and local organizations, Agriculture producers, Conservation Districts, and other closely related organizations.

You will find us at several local and regional farm and home shows, on the AM and FM radio stations, print media such as industry publications, and the State Fair. Enjoy this website — it was built for all of us.

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